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Work at Maluks

Our goal when hiring or recruiting, be it an attorney or administrative staff, is to ensure that the they will be a good fit with our firm culture and work ethic.

Kindly send the following documents to
  • Complete Curriculum Vitae with references
  • Full academic transcriptions
  • Copy of Identity document

Make A difference

Qualifications, passion and most importantly, a strong will to succeed are key components to the selection of the candidate. The character and value of the employees rank very high in the decision-making process.

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A-Team Values

The people with whom we do business are our partners and we have a vested interest in their development and success.

We are small enough to pay individual attention to any matter and big enough to tackle any commercial transaction in a manner that makes us transparent and still accountable to all our clients.

We think out of the box – diagnosing problems, challenging stereotypes, and rigorously testing possible solutions.

We offer our clients frank and honest advice even when it is unfavourable to them. We shall not take your case if we don’t believe in its merits.

Personnel Development

Our law firm uses a hybrid culture of collaborative teamwork and individual brilliance, and this culture enables our attorneys to better serve you by leveraging the collective knowledge and resources of the firm.


Our junior team members get first-hand on-the-job experience by working alongside their seniors and experts. Each succession team consists of

  • 1 x Senior partner
  • 1 x Senior Associate
  • 1 x Candidate Attorney.

Our firm’s collaboration with Hahn and Hahn (a Specialist IP law practice) on a skills-transfer program is an integral part of our commitment to employee-development in specialist work. The firm also hosts in-house training sessions – offering a rotational masterclass by one of the practice areas that the firm specialises in each week.